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Work pictured: Alana Richards (BERLIN /)
Untitled #21, 2011, £375.
Graphite on paper, 15cmx20cm
Photo: Elly Clarke

FRAME_birmingham was an Arts Council funded, mac birmingham and Own Art supported project by Elly Clarke that saw unique & very small edition artworks by local and international artists installed into a variety of businesses across the city as a means of bringing art to new audiences, new audiences to art and new contexts in which art can be shown. It was also about provoking and stimulating conversations about and around the artworks, by a variety of people in a variety of different places. FRAME_birmingham ran from 17th November 2012 - 17th February 2013. FRAME_extension (where you can see all previously shown works under one single roof in The Big Peg in the Jewellery Quarter) runs now until 18th March. acts as the mirror of what was on display in the city and host further information about each work, accessible via QR codes beside each work. All work is also for sale, up to a maximum selling price of £750.

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